No one ever asked for it.


No one.

If you ever – ever – think someone is asking for it, run the other way. Fast. That person has problems that you don’t want touching your life.

No one says ‘please, ignore my rights, ignore my faith in you, ignore my sense of well -being, and brutalize me, body, mind, spirit.’

At least not anyone who is healthy. In mind and body.

No One.


That’s what the hair stylist said. I mentioned that I wanted to dye my hair fuschia – not right then, but at some point.

“Well”, she said, “since your hair is unpigmented, you won’t have to bleach it.”

Silly me, I’ve been calling it gray.

If your hair is gray, you’re old.

If your hair is unpigmented, you’re SPECIAL.

Mind you, I came by the old honestly. Minute by minute, day by day, year by year.

But somehow I’d rather be SPECIAL.